Welcome to End of the Grain Woodwork.  We are based in Regina Saskatchewan and provide custom woodwork and carvings to clients across Canada.


I started my woodworking hobby by accident.  I was into Astronomy and wanted to make my own telescope.  I bought some power tools to make a Catsperch Observing Chair and I was hooked!  I began making furniture around the house and it led to a large tool collection and ultimately a CNC router to do detailed carvings.  My latest acquisition is a 10 Watt diode laser for laser engraving.

I enjoy working in my shop and I especially enjoy making things for other people.  It always warms my heart when a customer receives their item and there is a smile on their face and the say “they are gonna love it!”.  That’s what keeps me in this hobby business.



Cribbage Boards

Cutting Boards

Other Items


Cell Phone: 306-591-5536 (call or text me)

Email: pfroh@endofthe grain.com